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Nestled in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, 5 miles from Rt 22, in a quiet village between Northampton and Bath, you can find Weaversville Counseling. Dealing with your own personal issues is enough stress as it is, and long lines and crowded waiting rooms do anything but help. That’s why we pride ourselves on taking a personalized approach to counseling. As a small, private counseling practice, we guarantee caring and personable support from our entire staff from the moment you walk through our door. So skip the lines and wait times that you get at larger agencies, and make the switch that will truly change your life. Call Weaversville Counseling today!

Work Toward a Happier & Healthier You

Everyone faces their own unique set of challenges in life, and no two obstacles are the same. Don’t face your journey alone. Weaversville Counseling provides compassionate counseling to Lehigh Valley area residents. We’ll help you navigate emotional triggers and address your unique needs through cognitive behavioral therapy, to find an approach that helps you to reclaim your life and happiness.

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We have a great deal of experience working with developmentally disabled children and their parents, dealing with childhood and adolescent development issues and helping parents to manage behavior issues – but we welcome the opportunity to meet with patients of all ages. Start your journey back to happiness by scheduling an intake with Weaversville Counseling.

Understanding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is designed to be a short-term, goal oriented treatment. Northampton’s Weaversville Counseling uses it to take a hands-on approach to guiding you through emotional issues. We’ll work together to change your attitudes and behaviors by focusing on why you hold the beliefs you do, and why you respond to them the way you do.

Once we’ve identified your core beliefs and the problem at hand, we’ll focus on changing your thoughts and behavior to result in more positive solutions. You’ll be equipped with the tools you need to take on any of your emotional triggers.

Call Weaversville Counseling to learn more about our cognitive behavioral approach to therapy.

Why Choose a CBT Therapist?

Weaversville Counseling utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy because it tends to be quickly effective and gives you a concrete timeline to work towards in your recovery process. Most emotional problems take no more than 10 months’ worth of sessions, and having a timeline and setting goals has been proven to help with successful and enduring patient recovery.

Our therapists work with you to understand the problems you’re facing and together we work on strategies for tackling them. You’ll have a set of responses and principles to draw upon in any trigger situations and be able to slowly retrain your way of thinking to place emphasis on the important things in life.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Kuhn, MA graduated from Kutztown University with a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. She attended Cedar Crest College where she earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Dance. Sarah has worked in the mental health field for nearly ten years. She has extensive experience working with children and adults with developmental disabilities as well as the families and caregivers of those individuals. Sarah has also worked with numerous children, adolescents and adults in office and home based settings throughout the Lehigh Valley. She loves challenging her clients to learn new ways to manage their stress and to understand how negative patterns are affecting their lives.

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